TTouch® Sessions

Gail teaches you to develop a deeper rapport with your animal companions through increased awareness and clear communication.  You will be guided in hands-on methods, sensory motor exercises, observation skills & positive training to reach your goal.   In each session you and your companion animal will learn mindful, non-habitual movement that works with the nervous system to facilitate change, while increasing well-being.

TTouch® Method is a positive approach to training that builds confidence and self-control.  The method reduces stress, tension and fear, so new behaviors can be learned with ease.  Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, TTouch®provides an integrated approach to influencing behavioral and physical issues through movement and hands-on technique.  The TTouch®   method is used by animal owners, veterinarians, shelter staff and zookeepers in over 30 countries.

Gail Gustafson, TTouch®Practitioner and Certified Laban Movement Analyst has been guiding clients in private practice, workshops and retreats since 1989.  Her work has been presented at rescue organizations, veterinary practices and mind-body conferences throughout the US & Canada.

Sessions are one hour in length
3 session packages are available

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